Transform your business with actionable B2B insights helps business developers and investors to seamlessly search, understand and follow companies with the help of AI and automated business insights.
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Company Search

Get an instant view on companies

Understand and qualify companies with our company search. We brought all relevant business insights and updates together in one place.

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Find the right prospects

Find the right prospects with our prospecting tool. We bring you the most relevant prospects for your business.

Company Insights

Get company insights

Get company insights with our company insights tool. We bring you the most relevant company insights for your business.

All necessary company data in one system

We bring all relevant Nordic-Baltic data from different sources together in a structured and convenient way. Say goodbye to scattered information and say hello to easy and efficient system.

AI-driven data collection and processing

We use the most recent technologies in AI to automate our data collection, analysis and enriched data, making all company data much smarter and more up-to-date.

Smart and automated workflows

We focus on the experience of our users, making sure that our software and tools are easily accessible and seamlessly integrated into their daily routines.


We collect company data about more than 10 million businesses in Belgium and the United Kingdom.


Decision makers
We have links to over 16 million directors, shareholders, and founders in our database.


Since last year we have processed over 160 million official publications and annual accounts.


We generate and push over 80,000 updates per month on companies and decision makers.
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